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WordPress Security


As an add on service to our Google Cloud based web site hosting, New Media One offers a complete Wordpress security maintenance package that secures and protects your site. All of our web hosting accounts include realtime IP blocking of brute force Wordpress attacks. It’s estimated that over 30% of the websites on the internet today run on Wordpress, which means a big payoff for anyone who can compromise the software or it’s many plugins. Our monthly service includes the installation of the Wordfence security plugin, which we configure to alert our staff when the main Wordpress software/plugins require updating or any other threat is detected on your site.



The first step is an initial scan of your website, where we clean any and all files containing any malicious content. We then maintain your site with weekly updates of ALL your Wordpress themes, plugins and the core Wordpress software. (We manually do these updates weekly, it's not just an automated setup.)

CloudFlare DNS

We also setup your site to be protected by CloudFlare's web application firewall, which blocks known Wordpress vulnerable URLs and IP addresses. Clouldflare also will likely increase your site's loading speed and provides an easy to use DNS service.

Site Encryption

Setting up a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate to ensure all traffic is encrypted and ensure that your site is search engine friendly is also included in this service


Lastly, we lock down your site's files using our own Wordpress security lockdown tool, which helps to ensure your site stays clean and protected by changing the Wordpress files to be read only. (This is unique to our servers, as it requires a high level server access, and is also unique because it proactively protects your files from newly discovered ("zero day") vulnerabilities.)


At only $50/month, our Wordpress security service also comes with the peace of mind knowing that in the unlikely event that your site IS compromised while protected by this service, we will clean and restore the site at no additional cost. Contact New Media One today to secure your WordPress site.

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