Customize Your Gmail Layout

Customize your Gmail Layout Gmail now has a quick settings menu that helps you easily find and use different layouts, settings and themes to make Gmail look and feel right for you.  When you click on Settings, you will now see different interfaces, inbox types, and display options alongside your real inbox. When an option […]

Google Voice

Google Voice Google Voice enables organizations of all sizes a simple way to deploy and manage phone numbers at scale with the intelligence and security of Google Cloud. With a Google Voice phone number, employees are never tied to a physical device to make and receive phone calls, text messages or access voicemail. Plus, intelligent […]

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager Data collection is a useful tool to expand the online reach of your business and increase conversion rates. When you have access to user information with detailed analytics, it becomes more straightforward to promote and sell your products. With the advancing technology, SEO Tools such as Google Analytics have started becoming more […]

Gmail Tricks & Secrets

Gmail Tricks & Secrets Gmail is one of the dominant email service providers with many productivity-enhancing features. Although a lot of users use it, only a few of us are aware of the advanced Gmail features that are available. Many amazing features are hidden within your Gmail account in plain sight. Here are some Gmail […]