New Media One Web Services

How We Are Different

New Media One provides Internet solutions for your business needs. Located in beautiful Colorado, we provide both Development and Hosting services to businesses of all sizes.

Our goal is to give your business the best service possible. If you've ever had to deal with long waits on the phone, automated help systems that offer lots of hassle and very little help, or impersonal customer service, you're ready for something different. New Media One really is different.

With New Media One, you'll receive personalized, local, one-on-one support. When you call or email us, we will recognize you by name, and because we manage and have full control of our servers, we will resolve your needs efficiently and directly.

We believe your business' web site and email require the world-class technology and million dollar infrastructure we provide, but that you shouldn't have to give up the ability to speak with someone you know in order to access that technology.

We've helped businesses like yours be successful online for more than nine years, and we hope you'll soon be on our list of more-than-satisfied, long-term customers.